Business Consulting Services

In the hectic pursuit of success, there are occasions when the input of an external resource – an expert in their field – provides a level of insight that is invaluable.  It is in these scenarios that Validity provides you access to an outstanding talent pool across a range of expertise.

Utilising external resources in specialised fields can add significantly to your business at specific times of need and development.  Easy access to that affordable resource ensures you have a variable cost that can be applied on an as-needed basis.  Experience, expertise and applicable knowledge as and when you need it.

Whenever our clients seek external insight – that level of expertise that delivers an extra depth of knowledge with the requisite level of professional due diligence – in those situations, they turn to Validity Group.

Financial Insights

We provide you access to talents that have held the most senior levels of responsibility within financial institutions – including ex-CFO’s of some of the largest companies in their field – who can providing consulting, insight and mentoring to organisations seeking to accomplish a diverse range of objectives such as IPO’s, restructures etc.

HR Insights

We have in our team some of the most successful and highly regarded experts in the field of HR. Having held senior levels of responsibility at country, region and global levels, their expertise can be applied to a myriad of issues, concerns or questions in your company.

Learning & Development and People Transformation

Consulting and providing insights on the organisational development goals that you have identified, these resources provide external, market-wide expertise to ensure that you achieve your maximum success.

Sales Structures, Playbooks, and Pipelines

Reviews, measurements, consulting and advice.  Evaluate your sales organisation and structure against industry leaders to ensure that your sales machine is the very best it can be, delivering your organisation the success it truly deserves.

Competitive Intelligence

To be truly competitive requires insights which are drawn not only from your internal resources, but from solid reliable data and intelligence from an external organisation.  One that will truly test your every assumption and everything you believe that you know.  The history of business is littered with those who failed in this significant area.

We provide Business Consulting that is intent on your success and founded on solid expertise and knowledge.