Business Cognizance

Business acumen is an absolute requirement for success in today’s challenging marketplace.  In this fast paced, high pressure program, participants find themselves fully challenged to demonstrate their knowledge and capacity to apply themselves successfully to all the challenges that business throws at them, today and in the future.

This program accurately reflects the reality of making decisions under high pressure situations, in ever-changing business environments, with data that is often incomplete or had not been translated into intelligence.  Participants find themselves truly stretched to deliver a result in 40 hours of work over a three day program.

Business Cognizance draws rave reviews from everyone who attends.  They often comment that it accurately portrays the reality of their existence and it very directly and clearly provides them the solutions and tools in a “ safe business laboratory” situation to test, measure and grow.

Whether delivered “in-house” to an organisation’s team, or as part of a general attendance course, you take away from this program real abilities to use straight away.  Graduates from MBA programs find that this sharpens them further.  It drives and reinforces behavior change and skills to ensure that graduates from this program enjoy full business success.

Workshop participants will:

  • Examine and evaluate a diverse range of business models
  • Work with data and information and arrive at decisions that have been fully examined and refined
  • Develop the capacity to present and articulate their business plans at Board Level
  • Understand and appreciate the requirement to test information and data supplied.
  • Demonstrate how to work and respond in high pressure time restrictive environments.
  • Learn how and when to adapt and/or combine techniques for specific purposes.

Who should attend this workshop:

  • Newly appointed mid-level and senior business leaders
  • MBA graduates – new or seasoned
  • Professionals who know that they have to change to be better and more successful
  • Business leaders who understand that change is an imperative of success and growth
  • Professionals who know that either they or their business has stalled
  • Professionals who know that personal growth is not an option it’s a necessity