Board Intelligence Reports

Deliver accurate and complete business intelligence for all members of the Board, new Board members, or the new CEO.  Unfiltered, accurate, and above all, reliable.  Data translated into intelligence for the use of key leaders in the business to deliver the solid foundations of success.

Decisions by business leaders must be based upon clear line of sight on a diverse range of matters and issues.  Any element that is not sufficiently clear, any information that is biased, any information potentially missing or overlooked will absolutely have a direct impact on the decisions made and by inference on the success of the company itself.  Your solution is now available with our Board Intelligence Reports.

Questions that your Board or Senior Leadership Team asks are answered in our Board Intelligence Reports©.  This provides your decision makers with a line of sight that will make a significant difference.  The report fills those often missed gaps, allowing fully informed decisions to be made by your company’s decision makers.

Effective, affordable, powerful and easy to access.  Does your current data cover all the points required?  Does it require the attention of your costly resources?  Is it missing elements that can have devastating impacts?  Are you a Non Executive Board member who needs solid information from a highly reputable resource.

You will receive a full written report based upon our unique Industry Fusion Analysis, and a presentation to your Board of our report.

This is the best investment that your company can make for its future.

Table of Contents:

  • Intelligence Overview ©
  • How attractive is the industry for our company?
  • How best can we compete?
  • How can we grow?
  • What are our opportunities and options?


  • Government Shifts
  • Suppliers
  • Social/Consumer Shifts
  • Barriers to Entry/Exit
  • Industry Rivalry
  • Substitutes
  • Technological Shifts
  • Buyers
  • Consumers
  • International/Economic Shifts

Competitive Comparison Appendix:

  • What are they doing?
  • Potentially doing?
  • What changes are in effect or potentially being made?

Annual Subscription or Single Reports available.

Ensure that your company has ALL the relevant data for its decision making and its success.

Based upon a strict process and founded on the startling work of Professor Babette Bensoussan, Senior Coach & Mentor with VALIDITY Group.

Author of:

  • Strategic & Competitive Analysis: Methods & Techniques for Analysing Business Competition
  • Analysis Without Paralysis: 12 Tools to Make Better Strategic Decisions
  • Business & Competitive Analysis: Effective Application of New & Classic Methods
  • Mindshifting Snippets for Creative Thought
  • Staying Ahead of the Competition:  How Firms Really Manage Their Competitive Intelligence & Knowledge

Winner of:

SCIP Meritorious Award, the world’s most prestigious award in the field of Competitive Intelligence.  She was – and still remains – the first female and only Australian recipient of this prize.