About People Enabling

Enable your people and your business to succeed, develop and prosper in the high-pressure world of business today.

Never before has business had to cope with so many stresses in an ever-changing world. How your people cope has a direct and significant impact upon your organisation’s results.

Our clients rely on our depth of business acumen, experience and understanding to help deliver the outcomes they seek.

Our extensive team of professional business coaches and mentors has real world knowledge and experience to bring to bear in their engagements. Each of our team has personally held senior business leadership roles and bore the responsibilities that go with those roles. They have experienced the constant demands that are required to deliver business results and they have all enjoyed success.

It is significant that our team engages with our clients as peers and mentors, exhibiting personal understanding, appreciating the complexities and quickly establishing rapport.

The importance and significance of leadership in every organisation at every level has always been essential. Today more than ever, strong, impactful leadership, with the capacity to interpret the right data and act on it in a timely manner, is truly vital to success.

Organisations today are often concerned about what they perceive as a lack of leadership talent. One of our primary objectives is to fill that perceived void, supporting internal talent with our coaches and mentors. We support the successful onboarding when external talent is required or as a result of a merger and acquisition.

Our coaching and mentoring programs are based upon solid processes, systems, tools and structure. We have demonstrated repeated success in numerous client organisations, at various levels of management and leadership, across this diverse geography.

Each participant in a Validity program has access to an impressive array of tools that are successfully adopted in the many real world situations and pressures of modern day business.

Our impressive and extensive array of tools includes Personality Assessments, 360’s, Delegation, Motivation, Decision Making, to name just a few. From our armamentarium, Validity clients can easily access the tool(s) that is right for their situation and requirement.

Customised to every specific requirement and need.