Manager dashboards give sales managers a few less things to worry about

Qstream’s Predictive Insights Engine continually analyzes user response data to provide graphical management updates, comparisons and trends on sales force capabilities, as well as targeted coaching actions to help address gaps that can put revenue at risk.

With the growth of CRM, sales professionals are overrun with performance data – mostly lagging indicators like activity levels, pipeline growth and quota attainment. These are all things that, once reported, are simply too late to impact. Qstream real-time sales dashboards provide a proactive and prescriptive approach to tracking the capabilities of your team today, and not just at the end of the quarter when it’s too late.

Powerful Data Collection Engine

Based on user responses to daily challenges, Qstream’s Predictive Insights Engine™ captures thousands of critical data points and continually synthesizes them to provide a rich set of real-time dashboards, reports and trend analysis that help managers keep a pulse on the capabilities of their sales teams.

Real-time Performance Updates

Accessed via Qstream or from within your CRM, graphical management dashboards put real-time capabilities data at your fingertips. Comparing results over time and across groups lets managers at every level continuously monitor sales force strengths and proactively respond. A drop-down menu lets them quickly access information on all of the teams they manage, and then drill-down by individual.

Weekly Snapshots

Qstream automatically delivers summary-level insights on performance, proficiency and engagement status to managers on a weekly basis. These provide at-a-glance confidence that teams are on track, and instant access to real-time sales dashboards for a closer look.

Star Ratings

Based on data continually synthesized by Qstream’s analytics engine, the system assigns a graphical star rating for performance, engagement and proficiency designed to instantly highlight topics where teams might be struggling, or perhaps excelling.

Targeted Coaching Actions

Qstream’s Analytics Engine identifies targeted coaching actions that managers can take right now to congratulate strong performers, re-engage inactive users, or coach team members who are having difficulty with the critical skills and knowledge they need. All actions are recorded in Qstream’s Coaching Hub™ timeline and coaching activity reports.

Coaching Communication Tools and Templates

Built-in communication tools make it easy for managers to reach out to specific individuals or the entire group directly from the manager dashboard. By clicking on a recommended action, a related coaching email template appears featuring the corresponding Qstream challenge and recommended coaching tips.

Multi-Dimensional Insights

Qstream’s flexible tagging system can be used to analyze sales force capabilities in unlimited ways. Tag users by location, business unit, job title, expertise, tenure and more. Reports can be easily sorted on multiple dimensions by adding or updating tags at any time to compare teams or track progress over time.

Sales Fluency Heat Maps

Proficiency heat maps – by region, quota, tenure, topic and more – help managers quickly identify capabilities gaps that may impact business outcomes. Time-based views set a baseline and allow managers to track improvement over time.

Qscore Performance Benchmark

Qscore is an onboard metric used to rate the capabilities of an individual sales rep or team by calculating engagement and performance scores into a single number. Managers can use Qscore to observe relative changes in performance.