Video Transcript:

Companies spend millions building their sales and marketing funnels. The only thing missing are results. That’s because converting prospects to customers requires your salespeople to add value beyond just presentations and product facts.

They must be ready to talk about the problems that buyers actually have in markets that are constantly changing.

Qstream can help. Driven by science and data, Qstream offers an entirely new, proven approach to helping sales teams keep pace in just minutes a day.

Here’s how:

Qstream keeps things simple and engaging for your busy sales teams while reinforcing the capabilities that matter most. Responding to short text- or video-based challenge scenarios pushed to their mobile device or CRM.

Reps practice the best approaches to sales challenges and gain points for demonstrating their knowledge. Short explanations featuring rich media and links optimize your content investments and drive consistent messaging.

The platform’s data-driven Coaching Hub engages sales managers and field coaches in the process, too. A graphical dashboard combines system-generated insights with single-click observations and CRM triggers that instantly identify who and what to coach.

Sales leaders can view capabilities data in unlimited ways with real-time heat maps, progress trends, team comparisons, and coaching activity reports.

An end-to-end solution, Qstream closes the loop on revenue impact by combining capabilities data with any sales metric, giving you a predictive view of reps’ performance today not at the end of the quarter when it’s too late.

Whether your sales team is 50 or 5, 000, Qstream delivers what you need at scale to prepare them for interactions that win customers.

And, with all the security and reliability that IT demands, Qstream is easy to deploy in 18 languages. See why the biggest, most innovative sales teams rely on Qstream. Request a live demo today.