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Out-of-the-box, customisable content for new to sales, experienced reps and sales managers

Scientifically proven methodology.

Qstream gets sales reps up to speed faster on the knowledge and skills necessary to hit critical milestones.

Real-time data insights helps sales managers provide targeted coaching along the way.

New to sales

First day to first deal, faster

Hiring someone new to sales is a serious investment. Getting them up to speed is not only a significant cost, it can cost you lost opportunities and delayed productivity.

Reinforcing the key competencies required for your reps to be really successful is critical.

Experienced reps

Reinforce key sales, market and competitive messages

Engage your reps in a series of fun, Q&A-based sales challenges, delivered directly to their mobile device.

The key benefit for you?  Real-time insight into your sales team’s capabilities. Now you’ll know what they really know, and can provide targeted coaching that makes a difference today – not at the end of the quarter.

Sales managers

Becoming a coaching leader

In order to grow results, sales managers need to develop effective behaviours in their teams. The alternative is that they are just another “super salesperson”, which can significantly limit individual and organisational success.

Give them the skills to be a successful, trusted sales leader.