The Hard Facts About Soft Skills.

By Chris Tandridge

As organisations change to meet the dynamics of today’s ever-changing world, so soft skills have become of significantly increased importance. Ensuring that all your managers and leaders have the professional leadership skills necessary is now absolutely vital. That is a hard fact.

Research, as evidenced by the CIPD, indicates that building and developing soft skills remains under-developed in many organisations. Many managers and leaders are themselves lacking the vital people skills to deal with the increasing pressures on their daily routines. That can directly impact upon the teams, the people, and the results for which they are held accountable.

As a result, high levels of competence in the behavioural, interpersonal and process skills are more critical than ever before as organisations seek to attract top talent, successfully promote from within, and retain the top talent that will drive the organisation forward.

It is no longer sufficient to only develop expertise in a specifically chosen technical field.

Success in today’s environment requires and demands that they integrate their knowledge and skills – leading and managing individuals and teams in a myriad of situations and challenges. Of increasing importance is understanding how to integrate those skills into their daily responsibilities.

A picture paints a thousand words

The first step is to recognise that lack of soft skills is potentially the gap impacting the business. The next step is to question “How do I measure it?”. It’s here that we provide you access to our complimentary, obligation-free assessment. In fact, you have a choice of three.

Our measurements are centred on three areas – Leadership, Management and Self – your very own digital skills gap analysis. Once you have completed the multiple choice answers, your report will provide you focus areas for your development.

You can then select the key subjects from our PERFORM™ solutions and undertake your development digitally – at your own pace, at times to suit you, and customised subject selections designed for you to deliver specifically to your needs.

Contact us today to learn more and receive our obligation-free guidance.

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