Launch of International Study Tour with Victoria Graduate Business School

VALIDITY Group is delighted to announce the signing of an agreement for an Executive Leadership Program with Victoria Graduate School of Business (VGSB), Victoria University, Melbourne Australia. This agreement provides for the delivery of a study tour for managers and business leaders from South East Asia to attend the Melbourne Campus of Victoria University and participate in a carefully constructed five-day intensive course.


New solution launch – Executive Search

Throughout the years, Validity has often been asked by clients to assist them with the acquisition of a suitable senior executive and until now we have been unable to assist. That has all changed with the launch of Validity Group’s Executive Search solution, adding further depth to our expansive range of offerings to help improve your people, sales and organisation’s performance.

We recognise that Executive Search is a specialised field of service requiring a level of consulting and expert knowledge. For senior executive roles, sourcing specific candidates – who may be working for competitors or related businesses – is often best handled by an external intermediary with the skills and abilities to conduct these highly sensitive search, negotiations and investigations.


Appointment of Singapore Sales Director

It is with great pleasure that Validity Group Pte Ltd announces the appointment of Chua Joo Kwang as Sales Director for Singapore. JK brings an outstanding breadth of knowledge and experience to his role with us here at Validity.


Appointment of Malaysia Country Manager

VALIDITY Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Eng Weng Lim as Country Manager for Malaysia. Our selection of Lim was as a result of a very rigorous process. We wanted to ensure that all our Malaysian clients would have the opportunity to work with a highly experienced business leader who has a deep knowledge and understanding of the Malaysian business scene.


New partnership with leading online learning provider Orion Learning

Validity Group is delighted to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with Orion Learning from Toronto, Canada. “The selection of the right partner in the area of online learning has concerned us for some time” said Validity Group’s CEO, Mr Chris Tandridge. “The continual shift and change in learning styles, as well as the requirements of business, demands that we seek a partner who is ideally placed to solve these issues. We are therefore extremely pleased and proud to arrive at this partnership agreement with Orion Learning”.


Green Hat reappointed as marketing agency for 2015

We were very pleased with the outcomes that Green Hat generated for us in 2014, and we look to continuing this relationship throughout 2015.

Green Hat has been instrumental in assisting the Validity Group in its marketing activities in Australia. They have delivered strong outcomes as well as clear understanding of the offerings of Validity Group.


Adrian Tralaggan appointed as NSW Senior Account Director

VALIDITY Group has appointed Adrian Tralaggan as Senior Account Director for NSW. Adrian brings to this role a wealth of knowledge gained from his numerous tertiary studies and his solid business experience working in a number of major corporate and global companies.

Adrian is a Psychologist and holds a Masters Degree in Learning and Development. He is continuing his studies in his further pursuit of knowledge. Combined with his strong commercial knowledge, appreciation and understanding, this ensures that VALIDITY clients are working with a total professional for the development of their business.

Adrian has the full support of the entire VALIDITY team, and will be part of our Go To Market team as well as a member of our delivery team.


Validity Group appoints Jim Watson

Jim brings to our clients a depth and breadth of business acumen and experience gained during his years working across our entire Asia region, the US and Canada.

Jim’s career spans roles that have included Managing Director, Board Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Group General Manager. He has enjoyed a highly successful career and worked with some of the most significant business leaders of our time during his role as Managing Director of Gartner Group, Partner at Heidrick and Struggles, and Chairman and CEO at Reflex Security and other highly successful and significant roles.


Prof Babette Bensoussan delivers Strategic Visioning workshop to leading Malaysian client. Regarded by all attendees as an outstanding success.


Launch of Thought Leadership Page

As the daily turmoil in any business continues, the increase in online noise can become a distraction. To have a resource point that one can rely on for accurate insights into business could definitely assist. A resource point that provides easy access to a diverse array of well-qualified information will make a solid contribution in helping business leaders easily draw on vital information.

In response to this need, Validity Group has launched its own Thought Leadership centre – Insights – and made it easily accessible through its website. “Our Insights page provides business with a one-stop shop to access a diverse range of materials from a diverse range of subject matter experts, as well as industry observations. Our page is designed to allow ease of use and access, and no further need to search through countless sources and websites. We do that for you” said a spokesperson for Validity Group.

Since its inception, 360 senior executives have signed up to receive news pieces in the first month. Should you wish to receive Insights, you may do so easily and obligation free at Validity Insights.


Dr Anand Shankaran delivers one of our Business Cognizance workshops to a leading Malaysian client. Regarded by all attendees as an outstanding success.


Validity Group Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Appoints Local Director

Validity Group Sdn Bhd is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Zulkifly Bin Baharom as Chairman of Validity’s Malaysia Operations.


Validity Group registers in Singapore as Validity Group Pte Ltd

As part of Validity Group’s continued expansion throughout the region, the Board had determined that it was an integral step in its expansion plans to have Validity Group registered as a business within Singapore.


Validity Group appoints Green Hat as Marketing Agency for Australia

Validity Group CEO and Founder, Chris Tandridge, has announced the appointment of Green Hat as its marketing agency for Australia.

“In discussions with our partners at IBM, we identified Green Hat as the agency that we will work with on our future marketing and growth plans for Australia” he said. “They are an agency that clearly recognises the key opportunities for our business in the current market. I must admit that I look forward to learning from them more about the eMarketing world. It has taken our folks a few years to convince me to update our website and since we have done so, I have been pleasantly surprised by the outcomes. Green Hat promises to develop those early successes even further by allowing us to extend our reach into companies.”

For further information please contact the Validity Group Regional Head Office at [email protected].


Validity Group Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) becomes a registered training provider with the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)

Validity Group Sdn Bhd is delighted to announce its registration as a supplier with the PSMB, HRDF organisation in Malaysia.


New Partnership formed between Validity and Sales Performance International (SPI)

Validity Group is delighted to announce its partnership agreement with Sales Performance International (SPI). SPI is a US based global provider of a diverse range of solutions specifically tailored for the use of sales organisations. They recently acquired The Complex Sale (TCS), a company established, run and owned by the late Mr Rick Page, best selling author of “Hope is Not a Strategy”.


Appointment of Product Director – Coaching Leader Programme (CLP)

With the release of the University Certification Course – Coaching Leader Programme (CLP) – in Asia by Validity Group, they have announced Michelle Scheibner has been appointed as CLP Product Director.


Five Validity Group personnel certified as Associate Lecturers by University of Derby Corporate Business School

With the recent announcement of the highly esteemed Coaching Leader Program (“CLP”) by Validity Group across Asia, the question of capacity has been answered.

Five key members of Validity have been certified by University of Derby Corporate Business School. It is anticipated that more lecturers will be certified to accommodate a wide variety of languages across the region. In the meantime, this impressive team is highly experienced and equipped to deliver throughout the region.

For a number of years the certification course has been run in Europe and the Middle East, and it is this cross cultural approach that has led to its immense success.

The release of the University Certification CLP course has generated a great deal of interest and dates for various cities are now being released. First cities in the pick are Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Melbourne. Check out the Validity Institute page on our website for more details.

If any organisation is interested in an in-house delivery, an email to [email protected] will quickly and easily answer the question. In short, yes you can.


Validity Group signs exclusive distribution agreement for University Certified Coaching Leader Programme (“CLP”) from the UK

Validity has enjoyed a solid ongoing partner relationship with the Partnership, an established UK based company who have broadened their operations throughout Europe and the Middle East over a number of years. The signing of this agreement provides Validity clients with access to the highly successful Coaching Leader Programme (“CLP”) – a University of Derby Corporate certification course designed and delivered specifically for business leaders at all levels in all industry sectors.


Validity Group continues to expand into Asia with the launch of Validity Group Sdn Bhd

Validity proudly announces the registration of Validity Group Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company wholly owned by its parent company Validity Group Pty Ltd. “This decision was very easy for us to make” said Chris Tandridge, CEO of Validity Group. “We have tremendously enjoyed working with our clients from Malaysia and my own trips there have become increasingly regular and always highly enjoyable.”


Validity Group signs agreement as APJ region exclusive distributor of Amacus

Validity Group announced today the signing of its distributor agreement with Innovative Information Inc to exclusively represent it’s Amacus B2B sales auto-analytics solution for the Asia Pacific region. “This truly remarkable solution is outstanding in the development of sales organisations everywhere,” said Chris Tandridge, CEO of Validity Group. “We are all very excited about this solution and the tremendous benefits that it will deliver for our customers.”


Validity Group announces new appointment as part of its expansions plans

As Validity Group continues to grow and expand throughout the Asia Pacific region, we have opened our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur. As part of our continued growth, we are expanding our direct representation in those countries. This allows us to better support our Asia clients and our Global clients to the senior and exacting standards that they deserve.


Validity Coaching expands its offerings and solutions and rebrands as Validity Group


Validity Coaching signs regional agreement with The Complex Sale, Inc. ® (TCS)

Validity will represent the TCS range of Sales Enablement Services across the entire Asia and South Pacific region. The Complex Sale (TCS) offerings provide an impressive and expansive range of solutions, and this agreement provides TCS customers with easy access to the highly experienced Validity team. With personnel located in key geographic locations throughout the region, Validity is able to support and assist all existing and future clients of the TCS range of solutions.


Validity Coaching to supply a custom made solution to STAR Ratings Australia

Owned by Club Tourism Publishing, STAR Ratings Australia is a national scheme for rating Hotels, Motels, Serviced Apartments, Bed & Breakfast, Guesthouses and Caravan Parks. The STARS rating scheme, of which many of us are aware, assists a wide and diverse range of customers in making a carefully considered selection from the myriad of accommodation choices available today. Validity Coaching welcomes the opportunity to work with the STARS organisation.


Validity Coaching CEO presents to Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia breakfast in Melbourne

The 45-minute presentation focused on Leadership and Chris Tandridge shared his views, observations and suggestions. These events are exclusive to FSAA members. The relationship that has been established between the FSAA and Validity Coaching reflects the commitment that both organisations have towards the industry and its membership.


Validity Coaching announces 10 of its Melbourne based coaches have completed training on two Psych Press tools

The training sessions were run by Dr Gavin Didsbury and Ms Nitha Prakash, Senior Consultant and Psychologist at Psych Press.

The continued training and development of Validity’s team remains a high priority. The Validity team already boasts established credentials across a diverse range of tools and solutions, and the appetite for continued growth and development remains as strong as ever.


Validity Coaching CEO joins international speakers’ bureau, Speakerfile

To be included into this group of chosen speakers is a reflection of the high regard that Chris has established in his speaking engagements over the past few years.

Chris has presented at conferences throughout the Region, the Middle East, UK, and USA. His friendly, direct style with each group builds rapport quickly and, with his international experience, he has been able to establish some long-term friendships with his use of sensitive humour. His subjects cover a number of key business issues and are currently highly reflective of the need for leadership at all levels of every organisation.


Validity Coaching CEO shares his views in a video interview with Lindsay Yeomans, CEO of The Armory

“All businesses face the same challenges, the only real difference is the size of the business.” – Chris Tandridge, CEO.

The Armory, a communications agency specifically designed and run for the Foodservice industry, regularly provides online video interviews for members of the Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia.

“I was delighted to participate, and Lindsay posed some very interesting questions. The audience group for some of these specific items are those people who own and/or run the thousands of restaurants, food chains, cafes and retail food outlets that millions of Australians engage with every day.”

“The challenge facing many businesses in this industry is not their menu, or even their décor, it is their people and the way in which they interact with customers. It’s the staff who make the difference for the customer.”


Validity Coaching CEO to speak at FSAA National Conference

Attended by senior leaders and executives from the Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia, Chris Tandridge has been requested to share his views and insights into leadership and the coaching of staff.


FSAA appoints Validity Coaching Pty Ltd as their preferred supplier of coaching and mentoring programs

Validity Coaching CEO, Chris Tandridge, took a great deal of personal interest in this opportunity and has held a number of key meetings and discussions.


Validity Coaching is proud to have been appointed as supplier to Club Tourism Publishing

Club Tourism Publishing (CTP) is a joint venture partnership between Australian Motoring Services (representing the Australian Auto Clubs) and the New Zealand Automobile Association. Validity Coaching has been appointed to supply a range of powerful and tailor made solutions across their sales forces in Australia and New Zealand.

Validity is very proud of its association with Club Tourism and looks forward to working with their sales forces and management teams. As with many of our clients, and off-the-shelf solution is not what is required. Instead there needs to be an intense diagnostic that provides for a depth of understanding and appreciation that is vitally important to each and every member of the sales force.

The team that we have assembled has a strong sales background and focus and rapport has been established quickly and effectively.


Validity Coaching announces new logo

Change is a constant in all our lives. It provides opportunities for new perspectives – to refresh, to review – another way of doing things. In our world of business coaching, we work with change every day, in every business, impacting upon everyone. It seems pertinent that we take the time to review and refresh our look.

Our new logo represents a great deal about our company. The choice of imagery was selected on purpose, as was the choice of colour. And in true logo style, it will mean different things to different people when they view it. To us, it represents Growth, Renewing, Reaching and Expanding. It contains a number of V’s, which represent our range of coaching offerings. It represents a global quality, sold, reliable organisation with a professional and sound image.

Everything we have always stood for, now represented in a new symbolic way, representing us and our values quickly, easily and effectively.


Validity Coaching announces agreement with Psych Press

This association further provides our clients with an extension to our diverse and rigorous range of psych assessments and tools from a partner company that has an enviable reputation.


Validity Coaching proudly announces partnership agreement with Consalia

Chris Tandridge, CEO of Validity Coaching, has announced a partnership agreement with long-time associated company, UK based sales training provider Consalia.


Validity Coaching Director to be Speaker & Leadership Development Facilitator for NSW Red Cross

Presenting “How to lead a project team to success”.


Honourable John Howard to provide key note address to Australia’s top Human Resource leaders

Validity Coaching announced as key sponsor to the prestigious HR Summit Event 2010.


Validity Coaching CEO wins Strategic Leadership Award at HRD World Congress 2010

Chris Tandridge awarded highest honour that an individual can receive for his or her contribution.


Validity Coaching Director to provide keynote address at Sydney’s Professional Development Forum

Presenting “Engaging with the Dragon – cultural considerations when doing business with China”.