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Selling to the Board


Chris Tandridge


July 24, 2013


Challenges in the Marketplace

We share our insights into the significant shifts that have occurred in the market in recent times. Our findings are based upon the many discussions we have had with organisations throughout the region.

Download our discussion piece to discover why Boards are becoming increasingly involved in the buying process and the consequent impacts on how we sell.

Are you one of the many organisations that are faced with the operational, strategic, cultural and financial issues of today? By implementing a consistent, scalable sales methodology in your business that addresses these current realities, you will be able to continually assess your sales organisation against the characteristics of some of the most effective sales organisations in the world to ensure you are optimising your sales execution strategy.

Download our e-Book – Challenges in the Marketplace – to read more about the current reality, the 4 key issues and how these can be addressed.

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