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Fulfillment at Work


Chris Tandridge


March 9, 2015


In our work here at Validity Group, we have found a common thread to many of our coaching and mentoring conversations. Many people at all levels across organisations talk to us about their career. Where am I going? How did I get here? Where, what, how and when? In other words, how many of us are satisfied with our career and what is our level of fulfillment? If I don’t “get” my job, how can I possibly manage and lead others? What does it feel like?

Finding meaning and satisfaction in our careers is a challenge for many. It is not always just about the money. There is a lot of research on that subject. This concept of job satisfaction is then a somewhat “new” concept, at least from a historical perspective. Maybe we have too much choice? Maybe we have viewed our options through too narrow a window? Been influenced by the good intentions of others? Are we really where we intended to be in our lives or in our careers right now?

There is a way to find fulfillment in our careers. It will take time, it will take planning, it will certainly take some effort, and perhaps a little help along the way.

Take a look at this fantastic little video that outlines 6 Key Concepts in How to Find Fulfilling Work delivered in a fun presentation style. And if you need it, you can always speak with us. It might be that you are very fulfilled in your role, but it will help you understand why others may not be.

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