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Discover the benefits of using one of the world’s leading selection assessments that uses science and advanced statistical methods to take the guesswork and the risk out of your hiring process.

Our assessment tools are constructed using Normative items. This allows our team of researchers to conduct studies to evaluate the validity of the tool in Predicting Job Performance and develop norms based on the top performing groups.

Easy to use by every hiring manager, with reports that are easy to read and apply with our Traffic Lights system, thereby allowing you to target the best candidates across all roles and all industry sectors.

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Key benefits.

  • Requires No Certification

    Remove the bottlenecks and expense – anyone can interpret our reports with our unique traffic light system.

  • Legally Defensible

    Remove the bias, conscious and unconscious; using consistent and unaltered tests makes your hiring decisions more defensible by adding an extra layer of objectivity to the hiring process.

  • Available in 40+ Languages

    Used around the world in all roles and industries.

Improve performance

One of the world’s leading platforms for identifying candidates best suited for success.

Validated by science

One of the world’s leading platforms for identifying candidates best suited for success.

Easy & affordable

Designed for use by all hiring managers, at all levels, with no expensive certification required.

Role specific

Extensive range of assessments means you can select the one best suited for your needs.

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About Screen™

Effectively and efficiently handle a high volume of applicants.

Use Screen™ to remove the noise from the sheer volume of applications, and focus your time and attention where it really matters – on those candidates who are best suited to your role and your organisation.

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About Predictor of Potential™

Identify candidates who will drive success in your organisation.

With no requirement for certification, every manager at every level can easily use and apply our POP™ solution. No more bottlenecks, no more delays. Your business can now move at the speed it needs to succeed.

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See the additional options that are available for corporate and government clients.


Helpful extras.

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