360 POP™

Measure behaviours, competencies, skills, and attitudes of your leaders to help them be the best at what they do

We customize our 360 POP™ to measure specific facets of your organization’s working environment and structured management model. This assessment tool provides leaders, managers, and employees with structured, practical feedback regarding specific competencies, strengths, and styles.

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The 360 POP™ feedback report is also customizable to provide individuals with feedback that is easy to read and highlights both strengths and areas of development.

360 Range

It doesn’t end with our 360 POP™ – our specialised range of 360 assessments is designed to help you create a complete leadership plan integrated at five levels within your organization: C Suite, Executive/High Potential, Senior Director, Manager, and Individual Contributor.

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Inclusion 360

Building an inclusive culture becomes a reality with managers on the front lines.

Managers play a critical role in building inclusive and engaged teams that build competitive edge for the organization. How are you preparing your managers to build inclusive teams?

Based on feedback from direct reports, peers, leaders, and others, the Inclusive Manager 360 enables managers to be mindful of their personal biases and gaps. Use this tool to guide creation of a development plan to help managers grow as inclusive managers.

Self-awareness is the beginning of being an inclusive leader who taps into the full potential of the people and organization that they lead.

Talent & Inclusion Champion 360

Diversity and inclusion is clearly emerging as a competitive differentiator, yet only about 10% of organizations are truly inclusive.

Talent & Inclusion Champion 360 is a new generation 360 assessment tool that enables you to assess and then create an action plan to realize the business case for talent, diversity, and inclusion.

This tool is developed based on an Inclusive Talent Management Model that integrates diversity and inclusion with talent management.

360 Referencing™

On-demand 360° Referencing™ is a customized online, high-speed reference checking and reporting system that quickly provides hiring managers with trustworthy, job-specific references for their candidates.

Use 360 Referencing™ to:
  • Obtain comprehensive, measurable, and accurate references for candidates
  • Increase the probability of getting honest, competency-based references
  • Reduce time required to perform reference checks
  • Ensure due diligence to hire good candidates

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