Customer Service Rep (CSR) Simulator™


With a focus on the banking and finance industry, the Customer Service Rep (CSR) Simulator™ is a cost-effective simulation tool that helps evaluate a candidate’s hard skills and competencies.

This is a unique opportunity for a candidate to experience “a day in the life” of the role – in around 45 minutes.

Through this simulation program, financial institutions make better hiring decisions and select candidates who are more likely to stay, perform, and deliver results in the retail banking and finance environment.

Your candidates don’t need to spend hours in an expensive assessment centre. You don’t need to investment large sums of money to measure a wide range of skills and abilities.

Use the Customer Service Rep (CSR) Simulator™ to assess:

  • Computer navigation skills
  • Keyboard efficiency, speed, and accuracy
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Listening and memory skills
  • Reading skills
  • Mathematical accuracy and competency
  • Working memory
  • Cognitive problem solving
  • Understanding of customer needs
  • Procedural compliance
  • Integrity
  • Comfort with sales